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The best way to get started on your app

The guide will help you understand your needs and get an estimate that is more likely to match what reality is.

App Development Cost Breakdown

In the guide below, we present you with a procedure to estimate the cost of developing an application that perfectly meets your needs. We will start with an explanation of the different applications that exist. The second part concerns the application's design; from the budget, you will be able to choose the most adaptable design to your project idea. The last part encompasses a set of functionalities that you can integrate into your system, such as app features, the security level, App Database ...

1. Choose Your Application Platform

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IOS apps

iOS apps are designed for all Apple smartphones and mobile devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. iOS accounts for about 23% of the world's smartphone systems, although you should know how your target audience is divided by platform.

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Android apps

Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. Native applications for Android are designed for the operating system developed by Google using the java programming language. These applications can be found in the Google Play application store.

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Web apps

Developing a web application allows you to have an application accessible from any browser on any device. Moreover, unlike native applications, they do not require downloading.

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Hybride apps

Hybrid applications (called cross-platform applications) are less optimized for native platforms and systems; what you gain in terms of accessibility, users lose some of the essential features you would get with native applications. These applications are generally more suitable since your customers can use them regardless of the operating system of their devices.

2. Choose Your Application Design

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Pre-built templates

One option to get started at a reasonable cost is to use an application template (theme, plugin..) If you don't have a design team, these templates usually offer a small degree of customization; this is generally quite limited and can ultimately prevent the user from getting an optimal experience.

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Design from scratch

If your project has a longer development timeline or contains many functionalities, it is best to hire a team specializing in IT development for your application to develop a custom design specifically for your project. Customization allows for enhanced functionality and added complexity. A custom design is best suited for companies with the design resources to support the app well after the initial launch.

3. Choose Your Application Features & Security Level

3.1 Security level

Basic App Security

It is essential security that concerns writing a clean code to protect your application against vulnerabilities and bugs.

Data Encryption

Higher-level security involves implementing security features to protect user data and protection when transferring information over the network and denying all unauthorized access.

Advanced Security

The highest level of app security will involve more stringent identification and authentication. In that case, the dev team could take a hard look at the APIs being used to prevent the mistaken transfer or saving of sensitive data.

3.2 App Features


Your users can log in using their social network accounts such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin or email application.


Your application can contain media features, including camera, QR code, Location, Bluetooth ...


Adsense, credit card payments/PayPal, and many other monetization features that your application can contain substantially impact your business.

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